Getting It In

by J.Nolan

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    Production & Live Instrumentation by Bounce Brothas
    Written, Recorded, and Mixed by J.Nolan

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Words from J.Nolan:
"We live in a very sexual culture, no one can ever dispute that. Debates about whether it's good or bad have gone on for years and they'll continue long after I'm gone. My main objective with 'Getting It In' was to share MY perspective about what goes on in relation to prostitutes, strippers, and other forms of adult entertainment. A lot of times as men, especially in Hip-Hop, we have a hard time drawing the line between endearment and disrespect. I wanted to share a particular woman's story in a critical, yet non-judgmental manner to humanize some of the sexual behavior we've grown so accustomed to."

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released 28 October 2013



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